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Waste Management

A valuable resource produced from our tree surgery work is the woodchip from the pruned branches. By utilising our FORST Tracked Chipper, we aim to chip all brash wood that is removed from the tree which can then be utilised as mulch in environmental and conservation based purposes. Often the client will ask for the woodchip to be left on site for them to use as mulch around their trees or for weed suppression.

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Recycled Woodchip Mulch

Woodchip produced from our tree surgery work provides a natural source of mulch which can be utilised to maintain moisture around the base of trees. Overtime the mulch also decomposes providing valuable nutrients to aid the tree’s development.

Our tree surgeons can help advise you on how best to utilise the woodchip produced from our tree surgery work without causing damage to the trees root system. Woodchip mulch can also be used as an effective weed suppressor by preventing the germination and future regrowth of invasive plant species which are often considered undesirable by some of our clients.