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Silvicultural Services

Silvicultural services involves management practices that are based on the regeneration and development of woodlands and forest stands. Silviculture can comprise of one or more planned interventions that can alter the structure of a plantation or wooded area for various management plan objectives.

The main benefit of silvicultural practices though is the production of high quality timber for our woodland owners over a period of time.

Multiple Stacks of Logs

The pruning of timber trees can be undertaken to aid the development of high quality timber, especially among British Hardwood species. By utilising our tree surgery skills we can carry out both formative and high pruning to remove unnecessary growth that could deteriorate the value of the tree while causing no harm to its health or development. Suitable pruning of a timber crop can also aid access to a woodland such as for recreational activities, whilst also allowing more light onto the woodland floor to encourage wildlife and a richer diversity of woodland flora species, such as native Bluebells.

Thinning is a common practice in forestry and woodland management where a selected proportion of trees within a timber crop are felled over a period of time to aid the growth and development of the remaining timber trees. The selected trees felled can then be processed into suitable timber products. The process of thinning mimics the natural selection which would occur if the area of woodland or forest was left unmanaged. By thinning less desirable individuals from within a crop you leave the remainder to grow onto their full potential as the competition for light, water and nutrients is reduced significantly.

Harvesting involves the large scale felling of a timber crop for the production of suitable timber products. Softwood species are harvested on a smaller timescale as oppose to the native hardwood species which can grow on to over 100 years old before being finally felled for their timber qualities.

The felling of trees can be very dangerous which is why all of our timber fellers are suitably qualified and experienced to undertake this dangerous process. All harvesting operations should be well planned to avoid wasting time and money during the felling and extraction of the timber trees.