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Stump Management

We offer three alternative methods for dealing with stumps that remain from felled or dismantled trees. Certain tree species are renowned for their ability to produce new vigorous shoots from a felled stump and eventually continue to grow on to maturity. However this isn’t always desirable for some clients thus the requirement for managing the stump after the tree has been removed.

All stump management methods are discussed with the client at the site inspection with our qualified tree surgeons advising on the most effective method.

Stump Grinding In Action

The removal of a stump from a site using a stump grinder provides an instant solution for clients where the stump will be problematic if allowed to decay naturally. Stump grinders are used to grind away hazardous stumps below the natural ground level with the chippings produced being utilised as mulch for future projects. Often stumps are grinded to prevent future regrowth or for the planting of a new hedge or tree. Felled stumps can also present a trip hazard to members of the public but also cause significant damage to mechanical machinery such as lawn mowers and tractors.

Chainsaw Carving is an Art form that has become very popular in recent years due the shear fact that artists are using chainsaws to carve remarkably beautiful sculptures. One artist in particular, Rob Beckinsale, who has worked with us over the years, has developed his own personal style of carving with a chainsaw. On a regular basis Rob undertakes commissions for a variety of clients, from small domestic residences to large country estates carving sculptures from felled tree stumps.

For more information on his talents with a chainsaw please visit www.robbeckinsale.co.uk

Ecoplugs are the most effective herbicide based treatment for the management of tree stumps with a 95-100% success rate of preventing any future regrowth in a single application. Ecoplugs consist of a plastic plug that contains 300mg of granular Glyphosate. When inserted correctly into the stump, the plug expands releasing the Glyphosate granules into the sapwood with the plastic cap creating a waterproof seal. The number of Ecoplugs that are required is calculated on the diameter of the stump and species of the tree.